PIE Conference 2020

This 3-day program (August 14-16, 2020) is designed to provide CIH educators training in the principles, practice and teaching of Evidence-Informed Practice (EIP). 

Two tracks are available: a teaching track aimed at classroom and clinic educators, and an administrative/curriculum development track aimed at institutional administrators and curriculum designers.

All registrations have to be in by July 15, 2020.

Here’s what participants had to say about the 2015 & 2017 PIE Conference:


  • Please allow me to compliment everyone involved on the excellent conference last week.  It was, by far, the best organized conference I have ever attended.  Additionally, it was the most useful.  All future conferences will be compared to your excellent work!  Thank you! – Leslie McCoy, LAc, DAOM
  • This conference was an excellent opportunity, and I commend you for inclusion of other CAM educators. – Susan Beck, MTD, NCTMB
  • Let me start out by saying that the conference was fantastic. You and your team deserve a great big round of applause for how smoothly and effortless you made it look. I enjoyed myself and learned so much. I look forward to attending the next PIE conference. Thank you for a wonderful experience. –Shari Wynd, DC, PhD
  • Thank you for organizing such an amazing conference. It was truly valuable. –Courtney Everson, MA, PhD
  • Thank you and everyone involved for a wonderful experience. I am so glad I went. It turned out to be a very valuable learning experience for me. The people I met like my small group leader and the small group resource person and my group mates were all awesome. – Jonathan Wheeler, LAc
  • Thank you for the wonderful organization and learning experience. –Rich Ennis, MS, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Chairman of the Board, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration
  • I truly enjoyed the conference and would not hesitate to recommend it to my colleagues. –Jason Bartlett, DC


  • Very well organized. Exciting, inspiring material.
  • I also rate highly the support people, the food availability & quality, and the general environment.
  • Access to tools & modules was very valuable.
  • I greatly appreciated the teaching opportunities – they provided a fun opportunity to apply some of the tools & information learned and gained instructional ideas from other participants.
  • This conference is a gem for faculty, administrators and field practitioners in need of EIP reinforcement. Perfect length. Great value!
  • The generosity of the plenary and provision of resources has been astounding. What a fantastic and inspired beginning.

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