Similar to the 2015 & 2017 PIE conference, two tracks are available:
  • the teaching track will focus on facilitated small group sessions where each participant will prepare and deliver an EIP teaching module
    • 3 teaching track subtracks are available: classroom, clinic and stand-alone EIP course
  • the administrative/curriculum development track will cover strategy development focusing on institutional initiatives and cultural change resources
The Teaching Track

The teaching track will cover foundational concepts such as hierarchy of evidence, research designs and systematic error as well as general EIP skills such as:

  • generating clinical questions
  • effective literature searching
  • critical appraisal of therapy, diagnosis, etiology and prognosis papers
  • understanding results and applying them to patient care
  • staying up-to-date with clinical research

Although there will be some lecture, the major mode of delivery will be through active learning methods with the focus on teaching in participants’ varying home institutions. The program will be highly practical and will equip participants with teaching tactics they can employ in their clinical learning environments.

The Administrative/Curriculum Development Track

The administrative/curriculum development track will address the major building blocks necessary to develop or enhance a curriculum that more effectively produces graduates with competent evidence-informed practice skills.

Topics covered include:

  • training faculty
  • building effective EIP courses
  • strategies of integration
  • measuring curricular success
  • promoting a culture of change
Not sure which track (and subtrack) to register for? Read on.

The teaching track is for faculty who serve as instructors in the classroom or supervisors of interns in the clinic setting. The classroom subtrack is for those who teach, any topic, in a classroom setting while the clinic subtrack is for those who teach in a clinic setting. The stand-alone EIP course subtrack is for faculty who teach or have been tasked with teaching an EIP-specific course at their institution.

The administrative/curriculum development track is for institutional administrators, those who develop and build program curriculum, and others who wants to learn more about bringing EIP into an educational system.

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