Dr. Journal Club

Dr. Journal Club was created for busy medical professionals who want to learn more about evidence-based medicine and keep up-to-date with the latest clinically relevant research studies.

The Master level access provides evidence-based medicine (EBM) and research evaluation skills training materials to their members as well as our monthly research reviews and an archive of over 300 video reviews on a variety of research articles on topics related to integrative medical research.

Master Level access comes with:

·       EBM Skills Videos – A complete series of video style curriculum in critical evaluation of the medical research literature and evidence-based medicine.

·       Basic Level Videos – Our basic level videos are 10-minute research reviews. They focus on critically evaluating the research at hand. They are designed to keep busy physicians up to date on new literature that is pertinent to Integrative Practitioners. We produce a new video every month and we have an archive of videos on topics on subjects ranging from GI to Cancer.

·       Key Fact Boxes and Transcripts – Every basic level video comes with a key fact box that explains the main takeaways from the video in a few sentences, and a transcript for those who are in environments where they can’t listen to the sound.

·       Super Speedy Videos – Our super speedy videos are 1-2 minute summaries of our basic level videos and these are hand delivered to your members’ email inboxes. It allows busy professionals to get the main takeaways from the study in about a minute.

·       In Depth Videos – Our in-depth videos are for those members that want to dive further into controversies in natural medicine or critical evaluation, highlighting concepts like risk of bias in any particular study.

*Disclosure of Conflict of Interest: Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, the founder of Dr. Journal Club, is a planning committee member for the Process of Integrating Evidence for Complementary and Integrative Health Educators Conference of 2020.

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