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Gordon Guyatt, MD, MSc 

Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Guyatt is a general internist who has been heavily involved in clinical research. He has published over 1200 papers in peer-reviewed journals; his work has been cited over 130,000 times.

In 1990, Dr. Guyatt coined the term ‘evidence-based medicine’ and since that time he has provided leadership in developing the methods for evidence-based clinical decision making and evidence-based practice guidelines worldwide. As a clinical researcher, he has developed a number of instruments to measure health-related quality of life, and has played a major role in many important randomized trials. As a methodologist, he has advanced methods of health status measurement, clinical trial conduct, systematic review methods, and guideline development.  As an educator, he is primarily responsible for the “Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature”, a series of articles in JAMA and subsequent texts that provide the definitive guide to the practice of evidence-based medicine. 

He has played a major role in the creation and refinement of the GRADE approach to rating quality of evidence and grading strength of recommendations. Dr. Guyatt is a member of the leading Canadian scientific society, the Royal Society and, in 2011, he became Officer of the Order of Canada and in 2016 was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. 

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